A Review of BEAR NO MALICE by Clarissa Harwood

Bear No Malice.png

BEAR NO MALICE, a historical fiction/historical romance by Clarissa Harwood, is due to be published on January 1st, 2019 by Pegasus Books. BEAR NO MALICE is Harwood’s second novel, and it is a follow-up to her first novel, IMPOSSIBLE SAINTS. The novel stars Tom Cross, a secondary character from IMPOSSIBLE SAINTS.

Clergyman Tom Cross is living a lie and running from his past. After being driven out to the countryside, beaten, and left for dead, Tom is taken in by the reclusive Thorne siblings while he recovers. Miranda Thorne is an artist who seems to have as many secrets as Tom does. The two forge a friendship that continues after he returns to his reform and church work in London. Tom’s life slowly begins to unravel as his past comes back to haunt him. Forced to face the past, Tom begins to see a different future than he imagined – a future that has Miranda in it. What Tom doesn’t realize is that Miranda has to face her own past so that she can move on with her future.

BEAR NO MALICE is a great companion novel to IMPOSSIBLE SAINTS – though both novels can be read separately. Personally, I enjoyed IMPOSSIBLE SAINTS a bit more because of the suffragette storyline. That being said, BEAR NO MALICE is a beautifully written, enthralling novel about two people who have to confront their pasts so that they can move on with their futures. Clarissa Harwood parcels out the details of both Tom’s and Miranda’s pasts throughout the novel, developing and changing them as they shape their futures. Their individual journeys and their mutual romance intertwine into an amazing story.

Clarissa Harwood once again brings to life the Edwardian Era and England through the fashions, customs, society, politics, and everyday life. Tom Cross’s passion for prison reform as well as helping the poor makes a compelling storyline throughout the novel.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.