A Review of ONE MATCH FIRE by Lissa Linden


Take my advice and don’t make the same mistake that I made. Do not – I repeat, DO NOT – think that it’s a good idea to read ONE MATCH FIRE by Lissa Linden during downtime at work. Not unless you want to explain to your coworkers while you’re blushing or fanning your flushed face. Read this contemporary romance in the privacy of your own home.

ONE MATCH FIRE is Lissa Linden’s debut novel, and it is due to be published on March, 1, 2018 by Carina Press. The novel is about Amy and Paul their reconnection at a summer camp that they both attended as teenagers. Amy and Paul were best friends for two weeks every summer when they both attended summer camp. That is, they were best friends until Paul broke Amy’s heart and she never came back. Until now. Paul has been working as the director of the camp for the past five years, and now it’s time for him to move on. To return to civilization and a social life that doesn’t involve hanging out with the local wildlife. Amy has turned into a workaholic and she suddenly realizes that she needs a break. So she accepts the job as the new camp director, hoping that returning to where she was happiest will help her find herself. She certainly doesn’t expect to find Paul there. During the two weeks they have together before the kids arrive for camp, Paul and Amy reconnect. And they keep reconnecting. Paul wants to remain at camp and see if he and Amy can make their budding relationship to work. Amy wants Paul to leave because she doesn’t want to risk losing herself in a relationship when all she wants to do is find herself at camp. Paul has to show Amy that she can have both.

ONE MATCH FIRE is a fun, steamy romance that does not lack on the, well, “romance.” The second-chance romance between Paul and Amy is very sweet, and readers will find themselves cheering these two on. Linden tells the story from both of their perspectives, alternating chapters between Amy and Paul. Getting into both of their heads shows the internal battles that they are both facing in this relationship. The novel is well-written, the characters are full developed, and the plot is captivating.

I had no idea that summer camps could be so life changing. Makes me wish I had attended some when I was a kid. After reading ONE MATCH FIRE, you’ll never look at summer camp the same way again.