Review of TEXAS TWO-STEP by Michael Pool

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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.

TEXAS TWO-STEP by Michael Pool (published April 2, 2018 by Down Out Books) is a wild romp involving criminals, lawmen (some are good, and some are crooked), and a whole lot of marijuana. Cooper and Davis are looking to sell one more load of some of Colorado's finest marijuana before they go straight. When their usual contact gets picked up in a raid, they turn to their old and unreliable friend Sancho. Sancho knows just who to sell the marijuana to -- ex-football player Bobby Burrell. Bobby 's uncle Troy is the head of the East Texas Mafia located in Teller County. Troy is also one scary maniac. Cooper, Davis, Sancho, and Bobby have a good plan in place, but it all goes haywire when Uncle Troy gets involved and decides that they're going to screw over Cooper and Davis so that they can get the marijuana and keep their money. Oh, and there's a Texas Ranger named Russ Kirkpatrick sniffing around. Kirkpatrick was tasked with taking Sancho down after Sancho was indirectly involved with the suicide of a Texas State Senator's grandson.

I found TEXAS TWO-STEP to be a fun read. At times it reminded me of Carl Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey. The main characters - while not always the most likeable of people - were engaging, realistic, and a tad bit crazy. The point of view switches almost every chapter between Cooper, Bobby, and Kirkpatrick. With the various points of view, the reader gets a well-rounded idea of everything that is going on. The descriptions were very vivid, and Pool brought East Texas to life on the page. Overall, it was an enjoyable read.