A Review of I AM JUSTICE by Diana Munoz Stewart

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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.

I AM JUSTICE, the first novel in the Band of Sisters series, by Diana Munoz Stewart is a compelling, suspenseful, and thrilling romance novel. It will be released by Sourcebooks Casablanca on May 1, 2018.

Justice Parish is a skilled assassin whose goal in life is to take down sex traffickers and rescue the women who have been forced into prostitution. She is part of a close-knit, adoptive family of (mostly) women who have similar goals. Together these women work together as an extended but cohesive family of trained operatives. The problem is that one of Justice’s siblings has decided to betray her – betray the family – and throw in his or her lot with the sex-traffickers. Justice’s life is in danger, but she won’t stop until she completes her mission and unmasks the traitor.

Sandesh Ross, who is ex-Special Forces, has turned his attention from war to humanitarian efforts in war-torn countries. His efforts to help abused and exploited women runs parallel to Justice’s strategy to save the women and bring down the sex-traffickers. Justice joins Sandesh’s humanitarian efforts in Syria as her cover to go after the sex-traffickers. When everything that could possibly go wrong goes wrong, Justice and Sandesh find themselves battling for their lives as they try to figure out who has betrayed them.

Oh, and Justice and Sandesh also fall in love.

I AM JUSTICE is a very fast-paced and thrilling novel. It’s definitely a romantic thriller. The love story between Justice and Sandesh is very compelling. And the sex scenes are steamy. The chapters are jam-packed with action. Justice’s character changes and grows throughout the novel. Aside from some unanswered/unresolved backstory for some of the main characters and some plot holes, I enjoyed reading I AM JUSTICE. Though I will admit that I was more interested in Justice’s mission to bring down the sex-traffickers than I was in her romance with Sandesh. That’s probably because I really enjoy novels about kick-ass women doing kick-ass things.