A Review of THE ONES WE CHOOSE by Julie Clark


THE ONES WE CHOOSE by Julie Clark (published May 8, 2018 by Gallery Books) is a beautiful and emotional novel about relationships and forgiveness. The main character, Paige Robson, is a geneticist and a single mother. Her son, Miles, was conceived through a sperm donor. By the time he is 10 years old, Miles is questioning his paternity and longing for a relationship with his father. Fate unknowingly dumps Paige’s unanimous donor into their laps, forcing Paige to keep a massive secret from her son, her family, and her new friends. Paige is also dealing with her floundering relationship with her boyfriend, as well as her relationship with her estranged father.

This is a novel that will speak to the reader. While not all of us may have the same problems in our various relationships that Paige has in hers, we all have those problem relationships. We all have our own personal demons that haunt us and shape who we are as a person. Watching Paige’s struggles play out, and experiencing them with her, will take the reader on an emotional journey along with the characters.