A Review of NEVER DECEIVE A VISCOUNT by Renee Ann Miller

Never Deceive A Viscount.jpg

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.

NEVER DECEIVE A VISCOUNT, the second novel in the Infamous Lords series by Renee Ann Miller, is a solid follow up to NEVER DARE A WICKED EARL. The novel will be published on May 29, 2018 by Zebra Shout.

Emma Trafford is an aspiring painter who is raising her two younger siblings following the untimely deaths of their parents. Her sister, Lily, is a precocious child with a vivid imagination and an unhealthy obsession with mystery novels. When Lily believes she witnessed their new neighbor, Simon Radcliffe, murder his lover, Lilly breaks into Simon’s house to look for evidence. Emma follows Lily into their neighbor’s house, and as an unfortunate run-in with the man. Emma and Lily are able to escape without being recognized, leaving Simon determined to find the two people who he was convinced meant to rob him. Simon’s search leads him across the street to Emma’s house. Emma is determined to keep her secret; Simon is equally determined to keep his own secrets – his is the infamous and scandalous Lord Adler – while ferreting out the truth from Emma. Neither of them expected to fall in love in the process.

NEVER DECEIVE A VISCOUNT is a juicy romance novel featuring two very likeable main characters. Simon is a wounded hero who must overcome his strong distrust of women. Emma is an independent – albeit “ruined” – woman who is more determined to make a career for herself as a painter. Neither of them is interested in love or marriage, but that doesn’t stop fate from giving them a shove in that direction. The sexual tension between the two is great. And their romance takes places in a realistic, lifelike setting. This isn’t the type of romance that plays out between two characters during the Season. There aren’t any balls or society gatherings.

But Lily is, by far, my favorite character. The teenage girl adds some comic relief through her antics.